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Tess M. Jackson, M.Ed

CEO/Founder of All About Kids
Learning Academy, Inc

My name is Tess Jackson, M.Ed. and I am the CEO/Founder of All About Kids Learning Academy, Inc. I began this early learning program out of need for quality childcare for my oldest daughter, Breanna. I was fresh out of graduate school when my husband and I welcomed Breanna into this world. We were so excited for her to be exposed to a quality early learning program. However, what we did not realize, at the time, was that on teacher’s salaries, we could not afford the quality care that we expected and desired. So, being led by God, we converted the entire first floor of our southwest side home in Chicago into a home daycare. We named our home daycare, All About Kids.

Our main goals were to create a learning environment that was fun and inviting, use a curriculum that would prepare children for kindergarten and engage parents so they would become life-long advocates for their children’s education. Within five years, of operating a success program, we saved enough to purchase our first commercial property, a 5,000 square foot space. Five years later we expanded our facility and opened an infant and toddler program. Shortly after, we acquired another center and named it Lakeshore Learning Academy. Within three years of that acquisition, we acquired another daycare, Love N Learn Academy as well as expand again our first location at All About Kids Learning Academy. Since we began in 1998, we have provide early childhood servicesfor more than two thousand families and cared for more two thousand and seven hundred and fifty children. It has been our ministry. Much of our success comes from God. He has blessed this business with His vision, wonderful and compassionate teachers and administrators, parents and students. We are a family of learners. We understand the important job that we have been blessed with from God, to provide the best early learning experiences for all of our children, empower our parents, engage with the community and provide the best working environment for our staff.

Tess M. Jackson, M. Ed.


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